Behind The Scenes


Welcome to our London Home

This is where it all goes down and we, Henrietta and Orlagh; two best friends begin the RIXO London process and story. Have a look inside…


Our Obsession with Vintage

Trawling every week starts of the design process with us thinking about what we really want to create. We root through the best vintage fairs around the world to inspire our creations…


Inspiration to Design

From this stems our range, where our personal vintage collections, art and muse inspiration come together to create the beautiful designs. We bust out our pencils, scissors, fabric and of course coffee and get moving.


Distinctive, Custom, Signature Prints

One of our favorite stages, we whip out the paintbrushes, turn the music up in the studio and design our prints from scratch.


Pattern Process

The first patterns are drawn up with the help of our trusty pattern cutter. Next we make toile mock-ups of each piece to allow for our vigorous inspection, nothing slips our eye. We ensure seams perfectly align so that all our garments hang to flatter your body. From this, initial samples are constructed and we start to get excited.


You’re Not Just Anybody

We spend a lot of time with our product, surrounded by it, cave-like and in doing so we aim to flatter. An impeccable fit is imperative. We devote a lot of time to fitting, with a nip here and a tuck there, samples are fitted so the final garment sits, hangs and skims just-so, ensuring that when you wear RIXO you feel beautiful.


Best of British

The factory in North London - Where our designs continue their journey, turning our sketches into a pretty something for you to wear.


Teamwork is a Dreamwork

We collaborate with the most skillful British suppliers, from pleaters, to print mills and specialist embroidery houses. Every detail has been curated to a fine art, making our garments timeless and something to cherish forever.


Almost Done

The cut panels are passed onto a team of machinists who mindfully construct our garments as lovely inside as they are outside. After the exciting whirr of the sewing machine, the final pieces have nearly finished their journey…


Then we nap and do it all over again