Announcement – RIXO x Feanne

RIXO wishes to acknowledge and recognise Feanne’s creative design and effort, especially in relation to her “stars, moons and clouds” designs (“Feanne’s Designs”). Feanne is a Filipina artist whose works can be found at, and @Feanne.

RIXO regrets that a dispute arose between RIXO and Feanne in relation to Feanne’s Designs and RIXO’s “Moonlit Sky” and “Oriental” prints.

RIXO acknowledges that some of Feanne’s Designs were incorporated in RIXO’s “Moonlit Sky” and “Oriental” prints without her consent. However, RIXO and Feanne are pleased to announce that a satisfactory resolution has been reached with regard RIXO’s “Moonlit Sky” and “Oriental” print and Feanne’s Designs.

The parties feel that the resolution reached represents a favourable outcome for all involved and wish to emphasise their continued passion to embrace creative design and style. In fact, with this passion in mind, Rixo and Feanne now intend to enter into a collaborative project that looks to celebrate creativity and empowering design.

Watch this space!

Moonlit Sky Print

Moonlit Sky Print