“Mother knows best” really is a mantra to live by when your style is so similar. Mother-daughter duo, Caroline and Mimi Labouchere, gave us a sneak-peak into their Dubai lifestyle for the launch of our swimwear collection and lead the way for mother-daughter dressing! Simply scroll below and bag your mum and you a matching dress or two.

How would you describe your style?
Caroline: Classic, elegant, casual

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Caroline: If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
Mimi: Less is more.

How will you be wearing Rixo this winter?
Mimi: We live in Dubai, it’s mostly always sunny!

Which Rixo piece is your outfit go-to?
Mimi: Any of the statement dresses with my favourite white Axel Arigatos

Favourite way to spend time together?
Mimi: Sofa days at the weekend with our dogs or shopping!

Do you have similar taste in clothes/food/interiors etc?
Caroline: I would say we do. We share clothes, Mimi loves coming over for a home cooked meal. We shop for everything including interiors together. If we aren’t together we send WhatsApp’s from the changing room.
Mimi: I think we do, I take a lot of mum’s ideas when it comes to interiors and there’s nothing better than a healthy meal cooked by mum or stealing her favourite cherry twizzlers!

Do you have similar style or ever share clothes?
Mimi: I steal a lot of mum’s clothes as she does mine. We always value each others opinions when it comes to fashion.

What podcast are you listening to at the moment and which book are you reading?
Caroline: Oooh. Favourite audio books ‘You are a Badass’ Jen Sincero, ‘The Power of Vulnerability’ Brene Brown.
Both outstanding and have helped me enormously on my journey over the past year.
Mimi: Currently reading ‘One day in December’ by Josie Silver. Always listen to the self help audiobooks from Louis L. Hay, they’re all very motivational and help put things into perspective!

Most precious or favourite item in your wardrobe?
My great grandmother’s party dress from the 50’s (she passed away at 97 years old last year). It’s very delicate, with a pink white and blue flower print. The waist is tiny, she was so petite!

Where do you feel most at home?
Caroline: In my house. We have had 16 homes in 27 years with the British Army. Every house has to be a home.
Mimi: Wherever my parents are. After moving around so much and time at boarding school, wherever mum and dad and the dogs are feels most like home.

CAROLINE: @carolinelabouchere
MIMI: @mimilabouchere