Ultimate cool girl and founder of CoolPrettyCool, Chloe Hill is our latest Human of RIXO! Chloe gave us a sneak-peak into her exciting world and furiously fashionable wardrobe in Australia. NZ based stylist serving serious looks Chloe walked us through her career, talked books, favourite Instagram accounts, a shared love of Vintage with all of us at RIXO and even exclaimed that as long as she’s got a handheld steamer she can go anywhere! Colourful, fun and up for a laugh, Chloe is a true RIXO girl!

Where are you from?
I’m from New Zealand. I grew up in Naenae which is suburb 30 minutes outside of the capital city Wellington.

Where do you feel most at home?
In New Zealand! I miss home like crazy and when I’m back it’s so comforting being surrounded by nature and family.

How did you get into fashion/styling?
I started out in magazines as a fashion cupboard intern and gradually worked my way up. It’s been a long hard slog but totally worth it to get to do something I love.

Tell us about coolprettycool?
I launched Cool Pretty Cool last year as a platform for fun editorial in a relatable context. A way to showcase emerging talent and show that fashion doesn’t need to be so serious!

Favourite place to hunt for vintage treasures?
Zoo Emporium in Surry Hills is my favourite spot in Sydney! I also love The Vintage Clothing Shop in the center of town, it’s run by the most amazing and fascinating woman.

Favourite city break?
Melbourne (I’m heading there tomorrow)! It’s great for shopping, food, friends and endless strong coffee.

Travel essentials?
A handheld steamer! …I hate ironing with a passion. Also I always have a great party dress, a midi skirt I can dress up or down and a cosy hoodie.

What are your Christmas plans? Where are you spending Christmas and New Year?
In Wellington! I’m heading back to NZ next week and couldn’t be happier. Our family’s tradition is to let of a box of fireworks on our street New Years Eve.

Styling tip you live by?
Have fun.

Best career advice you’ve been given?
Do what you love.

Book or podcast you’re loving?
The best book I’ve read this year is Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. For podcasts I’m a nerd and love freakonomics, despite being creative I love getting the facts.

Style icons?
Women who dress without fear – Iris Apfel, Tilda Swindon, Leandra!

Favourite Instagram accounts to follow?
Anyone who gives me lols – @garyjanetti is a current fave, and aussie news account @betootaavocate is so on the ball!

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