Meet one of our favourite #HumansOfRIXO and girl bosses Olivia Cummings. After a childhood surrounded by trinkets, crystals and her treasure chest Olivia founded hand-made jewellery brand Cleopatra’s Bling.
A fusion of eastern allure and western style, Cleopatra’s Bling was born from an adoration of travel, the ethereal and the symbolic. After dreaming up her idea in Paris Olivia moved to Turkey to learn the art of
adornment in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, creating jewellery with emotional and historical relevance, all while respecting ancient jewellery-making traditions. A born wanderer and adventurer Olivia now splits
her life between Istanbul, Paris and Melbourne. She talks to us about how home can be anywhere in the world, where she’ll be spending her summer and what’s next on her reading list.

Home is…?
I have a few homes in my heart of hearts, where my family is and cities in which I spent long and special years. I am a home body, so when I have my plants, my special homewares such as ceramics, books and carpets, I can make myself at home almost anywhere. I am relocating to Lisbon this Summer to run the European HQ of my business – new adventures and a new home! Come visit! 

Favourite Vintage shops /flea markets…?
I LOVE flea markets in Istanbul, each Sunday I go. You can find things that never made it to Europe. I also love one that’s 30 minutes outside of Naples where you can find incredible Italian vintage. I got so many woollen jackets from there and trousers. Also an amazing pair of cherry red boots. 

Best pieces of advise for building your own business?
Keep your eye on the prize. 

Summer holiday plans?
Sicily for 3 weeks in a little hidden beach town. You’ll find me there with books and bowls of pasta and tuna. 

What is it about RIXO that you like so much/ how do you wear your RIXO?
I love all the patterns, and they are very feminine designs. I mix my RIXO with my existing wardrobe easily – with vintage and layers. 

Summer book recommendations?
I feel like jumping into some of the old classics – The Great Gatsby, Just Kids, On the Road. 

I love “On Being” and the Ottoman History Podcast.

Quote you live by?
“Even if every being grew sad, a Lover’s soul will stay fresh, vibrant, light. Are all the candles out? Hand them to a Lover – a Lover shoots out a hundred thousand fires” – Rumi

Cleopatra’s Bling

Annabelle Foucher