We got to meet our ultimate girl crush, journalist and published author of ‘Everything I know About Love’ Dolly Alderton to talk and laugh (a lot!) about everything and anything. Inclusive of her rage at her recently broken Dyson hoover, being in a teenage band, a shared love/hate relationship with jeans and how the right dress can you make feel like a 1960s Miami housewife in the best way possible! Dolly gave us an insight into her home decorated excellently with modern artworks contrasted next to a vintage billboard poster and how she writes most of her work sat on her gorgeous green velvet sofa. A lover of vintage and colour Dolly is a true RIXO girl!

One phrase or quote that you live by?
Be kind. Tell the truth. Do what you need to do to feel free. Drink the wine. Eat the chips.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Take really good care of your friendships. Never stop reading. Jump naked into the sea at every opportunity (unless it’s a crowded beach, in which case do the decent thing of removing your cossie once you’re fully submerged).

What do you love most about RIXO?
I love the mix of playful prints and elegant, feminine design. I would wear RIXO every day of the week. But I work from home on my own so the only person who would benefit from my dazzling uniform would be the DHL guy who, incidentally, is here quite a lot.

Best place for a first date?
Any one of Camden’s dark and wholly uncool pubs that plays The Faces on repeat.

Best book for someone that doesn’t read much?
Any really compelling, brutally honest memoir. Oliver Reed, Viv Albertine, Marianne Faithfull, Rod Stewart and Billie Holiday have written some of my favourites.

What 3 songs will be on your playlist for Christmas/New Year?
Let Me Clear My Throat – DJ Kool
Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits
He’s The Greatest Dancer – Sister Sledge (nothing makes me wiggle my ass like hearing the opening lyrics: “one night in the disco, on the outskirts of ‘Frisco”)

Have you always wanted to be writer?
Yes. There was five minutes in adolescence when I wanted to be an actress that thankfully, for everyone’s sakes, passed.

Fun fact we might not know about you/hidden talent?
For a period of years, I boasted that I had the “exact same vocal range” as Carly Simon to the point where my flatmates had to hide the You’re So Vain LP because I always insisted on trying to prove said range to them after any alcohol had been imbibed.