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    Fanny Ekstrand, the ultimate cool girl from her job as a screenwriter to her wardrobe is our latest Humans of RIXO! Fanny gave us a sneak-peak inside her wonderful home and took us on a journey through her career. With tips from her favourite local writing spots and more, Fanny shows us how to take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, including the past. Especially when it comes to sartorial choices.

    What inspires you for a storyline?
    I like unexpected turns and weird stories as much as the next woman but what really inspires me is personal struggles and people being people, flaws and all. It sounds like a cliché, but I love characters who’s not your typical favorite from the start, that grows on you. And of course, being a feminist I try to use the platform I am given. In TV women I feel like women often need to be the the archetype of heros to be idolized, I want to change that, it’s too much pressure.

    What is your favourite TV show?
    I have so so many. I am a big sucker for youth series, so high on my list is Beverly Hills 90210 and Gossip Girl but I am of course a Sex and the City and Girls fan.

    If you could have anyone play you in a film, who would it be?
    That’s too hard, but I’d love to have Meryl Streep. I am obsessed with her.

    If you could turn any book into a TV show/film which would it be? And who would you cast as the lead actor?
    I have this Swedish book that I have been reading over and over since I was 17, that’s called Alltings början, maybe it would translate to ‘The start of it all’ that I am dreaming about doing. It’s about a girl, growing up in the 90s, dreaming about writing and having a voice and the era that was the media business back then. It’s just amazing and spot on.

    Where is your favourite place in Stockholm for writing?
    I love my apartment for writing, but if I want to get out it the morning to write, which is my best time in the day, I always go to a coffee place called Pascal which is just a street from me, or a french boulangerie called Saturnus.

    Favourite piece of RIXO for summer?
    I love the Ronnie bag and the Celia dress.

    Favourite way to wear RIXO?
    Since I am all about the 80s at the moment, I love wearing all Rixo pieces with some light washed denim, chunky gold jewelry and big boxy blazers.

    Fanny Ekstrand