Ultimate London cool girl and Net-A-Porter stylist Hannah Lewis is our latest Human of RIXO! Showing how good style doesn’t have to be seasonal and a dress can be for all occasions. Hannah Lewis leads the way in how to style RIXO and talks all thing style from current trends to forecasting what will be big in 2019! Staying ahead of the trends, Hannah shows us how to layer for the Winter.

How did you start your career in fashion?
It was always my dream to work in magazines but I struggled to lock down my very first internship in publishing so my first one was actually in PR with a lingerie brand. It involved a lot of obscure jobs and very “sexy” events but I actually loved it! I then went on to intern in a lot of fashion cupboard in magazines before finding my feet as a stylist. It was a long slog but meant I could travel the world and gain a life time of experience along the way.

New Years Eve Outfit
I LOVE dressing up around the festive season and despite dressing quite minimal on a day to day I can’t help but reach for something sparkly for New Years Eve. I usually go for a silky midi dress or a an embellished shoulder statement top with jeans. Rixo’s Bambi velvet mini dress is ticking all the boxes for me for NYE and it can be worn with or without jeans.

Favourite festive tradition
It HAS to be eating as many Christmas sandwiches as possible. I am OBSESSED. After trying a lot of versions along the way, Pret has to be the winner for their both veggie and meat version. The simple things!

Style tip you live by?
It has to be keep it simple and don’t over think an outfit. Every look should be based around one main special element and then pair the rest back. I also think it’s vital to feel really comfortable in something, which is why when it comes to weddings and special events I find it hard to find another dress that beats a Rixo. You can guarantee you’ll feel effortless, chic and comfortable with everyone asking where your dress is from.

2019 Plans
To finish furnishing the flat. We’ve had a dining table without chairs for 6 months now because my boyfriend and I can’t agree. I am waiting for him to back down and get the ones I like but it’s not going to plan! It’s my favourite place to be so I am excited to finally get it all finished, it’s just very hard sacrificing buying clothes.

Best Career tip
The main thing is to do what you love and stick with it. As I’ve got further along in my career the biggest tip I’ve learned (the hard way) is to speak up. If you don’t ask, you won’t get.

Biggest trend for 2019
I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t WAIT for the abundance of barely there strappy mules that are set to arrive. I’m always a fan of this shoe style and I’ve already got my eye on at least 4 new pairs I want to get my hands on.

Hannah Lewis @hannahlewisstylist
Photographer / Elsie Britton