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    Marlowe is a Toronto-based writer and co-hosts podcast on women-led films and romantic comedies called The Mean Reds with Ivana Lovric. She is the fashion columnist at literary magazine, The Baffler. This summer marks the release of her first short film The Leaving Party featuring an all-female cast. The film focuses on a group of friends over the course of a summer’s day, examining the way women manoeuvre their lives with humour, storytelling, and camaraderie.

    What is your favourite film?
    Biography of a Bachelor Girl (1935). It’s the story of a publisher approaching a famous artist to write her first memoir. The dialogue is so clever, the script was written by one of my favourite authors Anita Loos. The Bachelor Girl’s past lovers (who are either politicians or famous composers) are worried she’ll mention them in her book, but are also a bit offended if she doesn’t. A tale as old as time if you ask me.

    You’ve had a rough week – go to film?
    Me and Ivana’s podcast is called The Mean Reds, which some will recognize as a reference to Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Besides the dorm-room poster reputation, the film is still untouchable to me. I watch it every time I’m sad, and definitely every time I’ve gone through a break up. It has everything—the social mobility of a young party girl, the ex-husband, the man who observes from afar with love, the custom Givenchy, and of course, Cat. The party scene is one of the best in film history, as is the Mancini song that plays “Loose Caboose.”

    What book or podcast are you listening to at the moment?
    I listen to Karina Longworth’s “You Must Remember This” on the forgotten history of Hollywood, and Food 4 Thots, a podcast with a group of queer writers who focus on literary and pop culture topics, as well as telling the best sex and dating stories. After each episode I just want to drink wine with them. I’m reading Lauren Mechling’s new book, How Could She, which is a testament to how friendships are often the most complicated relationships to navigate.

    What is your favourite place for brunch near you?
    I’m more a Happy Hour girl. I prefer a good after-work drink and oysters. You can usually find me at Pharmacy, The Wallflower, or Bar Fancy. I always come armed with a couple of stories to tell the bartenders. On weekends (if I’m behaving) the days will be spent writing and the evenings dancing.

    How do you starting writing a piece?
    I keep notes on my phone where I jot down bits of conversations.  Usually someone has said something to me that is so absurd or hilarious that I need to remember it. Most pieces are often me trying to unravel a social circumstance and the way people speak to one another when they are sometimes strangers.

    Where do you find inspiration for your work?
    The women in my life! Always and forever.  I love their resilience, their sense of humour and thoughtfulness about the world.

    You have a busy day of meetings, what piece of RIXO will you be wearing?
    The Agyness dress worn with the pink Jemima bag.  I believe in always having an occasion to dress up.

    Where is your favourite place to travel?
    Any Riviera will do!

    What piece of RIXO will you pack this summer?
    The Twiggy dress.  I love the way it hangs, there’s an ease to it that feels entirely sultry.

    Marlowe Granados . / . @marlowetatiana