Meet Giada who you might have seen over the past two years glowing on our Instagram page – she is our Italian beauty, the loveliest spiritual soul and in house RIXO model… not to mention close friend of the founders, Henrietta and Orlagh.

Tell us about your trip to India?! What have you been doing there, what places have you visited and how long are you there for?
I decided to go in India for a personal experience alone and my first time was in August 2017 without any expectation. I have since come back 2 times because India is a great place to learn lesson of life. Here you can find, rare, deeply and real sensation, also some rare concept of respecting animals and nature. I spend most of my time in silence and I explored it in every possible way. I explored around 7 states of India from South and North. Every landscape is so different and sometimes, I can’t believe I’m still in India. I did yoga there because everything is focus on you and you can analyze yourself and your thoughts very deeply in the best way. I feel, I will come to India back to explore and learn more.

Where do you feel most at home?
I feel at home in every place where I am in love, happiness, peace, serenity . The surrounding of real and positive vibes makes me feel at home. Also when I work with Rixo team, it’s like home.

Favourite meal? Either dining in or out.
My fav meal is homemade pizza with burrata, eating at home with a good film and green vegetables dishes plus raw fruits. Chocolate is my all time fav also 🙂

What is the most precious item in your wardrobe?
The most precious items in my wardrobe is a silk embroidery bomber buy in Tokyo. Accessories are so important and I love my vintage Celine charm bracelet that has little animals dangling off it.

Best hangover cure?
My best hangover cure is a big glass of red wine… no I’m joking! Just a water with lemons.

What is your getting ready ritual?
I love to take long baths with good Jazz music, I do make up occasionally. My ritual is to choose my dress and beautiful combination of colors for day and refined accessories (plus I always put a RIXO neckscarf on now ) then to finish one spray of my fav perfume Rosa Gallica.

Your favourite fashion memory?
My favourite fashion memory is the time that I spend here in India, visiting unusual place to shop for clothes and accessories. Indian clothes are like magic. You are allured from the colors of the saree and lehanga. It’s colourful fashion in India and Rixo clothes that really draw me in. I find so many insights for my fashion sense here.

You have 5 minutes to get up and out the door – what RIXO item do you throw on and what would you wear it with?
My fixed combination with the embroidered rose bud Sofia wrap top and my amazing polka dot Steph skirt is always a certain wear with Gucci slipper.

Summer is coming, what are you looking forward to the most?
I’m waiting to spend summer holidays with my parents! I miss them and for sure spending time with them is like coming back to my childhood.

Where are you most looking forward to wearing RIXO’S latest season drop?
For my birthday near the sea on July 18th I will wear Karlie starfish black coral dress.

Paris, NYC or London?
London of course! 43 Carnaby street 😉

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