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    Meet our latest humans of RIXO Shelcy & Christy, the dream duo behind a creative community in New York that is redefining the way networking is done. These girls gave us a sneak peak into their daily life and shared the hottest tips for in and around the city with us. With the creative community they’re building both online and offline, no one should feel lost in New York!

    Where is your favourite place to shop in New York?
    We actually love vintage shopping and luckily we’re in a great city for that. Our favourite thrift/vintage stores include East Village Thrift Shop, Awoke Vintage and Alberto & Sons.

    What is the most underrated area of New York?
    The secret’s out: Fort Greene is one the most underrated neighbourhoods in New York. It’s an absolute charm with its historic brownstones, strong art scene, open air cafés, small bookstores and community events. It’s a neighbourhood with a lot of history, and one that we really don’t spend enough time in.

    What you love most about what you do?
    Above all, we love connecting with people—in real life or through long exchange threads via DM. We’re the most happy when we bring together a diverse group of women together to share ideas and really put the spirit of collaboration over competition forward. We’ve had the pleasure to meet some incredible, like-minded creatives, and many of them have gone on to become friends. Our job is very much like a portal to the global community of artists.

    How will you be wearing Rixo this Summer?
    With some kitten heels to roam around the city in style.

    What is your favourite brunch spot?
    In a city like New York where there is such a rich and diverse food scene, it’s really hard to single out your top favorites. But we will say that one of them is, without a doubt, SoCo. It has the best soul food in Brooklyn (can’t go wrong with the chicken and waffles or shrimp and grits with lobster tail). Plus, it’s black-owned, which makes the eating experience all the more meaningful to us.

    Favourite place to get together with our community?
    It really depends on our mood and the type of event we’re hosting. Our go-tos tend to be a welcoming coffee shop like Maman in Greenpoint or an intimidate speakeasy-style bar like Fresh Skills in Williamsburg.

    What was the inspiration to start a community in New York?
    When we first moved here, we experienced a sort of loneliness that’s often associated with fast moving cities like New York. We came here without our parents and had to adapt a completely new lifestyle, so we felt a bit isolated at first. Slowly, and with the help of dear friends and family members, we built the courage to start sharing our story, and from this created this organic community of like-minded creative go-getters.

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