Polish turned Notting-Hill native, Alice Zielasko is a London based street-style star and photographer. She took our favourite new duster coats and – literally- dressed them for the Spring weather. See how this sartorial scarlet wore our new Jackson and Sienna dress with the perfect accessories to match.

Where do you feel most at home? 

Notting Hill, my heart belongs to this beautiful West London hood. I love it’s unique, 90’s vibe, it inspires me a lot and has a big impact on my photography work. 

Favourite meal?
Either dining in or out. 

Banana oatmeal pancakes, made by me. In general I prefer eating at home. I’m always very picky when it comes to food, so when I make a meal at home I know I can make it exactly the way I like it!

What is the most precious item in your wardrobe?

A little vintage bag which I bought in Portobello Market last year. It only cost me £15, and now it’s my favourite bag in my closet. It’s cute, one of a kind and suits every single outfit I wear. I call it my ‘Carrie bag’ because it’s very similar to bags I saw in SATC.

What is your getting ready ritual? 
Applying some red lipstick and highlighter on the cheeks. Also wearing fabulous outerwear on top of my pj’s when it’s Winter time and just a girly/sexy dress during the Summer. I’m the kind of girl who gets ready in 15min. Beautiful but natural look is something I aim for.

You have 5 minutes to get up and out the door – what RIXO item do you throw on and what would you wear it with? 

Probably the Sienna Duster with bare legs, it’s feminine, elegant but also sexy at the same time with some slingback shoes. During warm summer evenings I’d probably go for a mini, the Laura dress in green would be a fun choice.

Summer is coming, what are you looking forward to the most? 

Evening runs in Hyde Park, hanging out in Notting Hill on a Friday night! It’s warm outside the whole night long so I can wear my favourite summer clothes (shorts and dresses being my go tos) I can finally feel like myself, very much looking forward to it!

Paris, NYC or London?

NYC and London

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