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Catarina Mira, Actor and Storyteller ⋆ RIXO RIXO

Catarina Mira, Actor and Storyteller

Portuguese beauty Catarina features as our latest Humans of RIXO. The charismatic actor shows us how to dress for a weekend in December; easy robe lounging is accessorised with a coffee and the morning papers; a night on the town in the only jumpsuit you'll ever need and finally, fighting that Christmas party hangover when only a sumptuous velvet wrap dress and sunglasses can comfort you.

Photography: Catarina Rodrigues

-Home is...?
I was born in sunny Portugal then moved to London to, guess what, follow my dreams! London has become home to me but I'm always travelling between the two countries.
- Where and what are you favourite hangouts?
I love driving to Richmond Park and going to for Petersham Nurseries for a nice bite to eat and a cup of tea before walking in the park.
- Biggest extravagance?
Holidays! For me that's really where the money goes to.
Last book you read?
“Goodbye, Vitamin” by Rachel Khong a novel about family, friendship, and Alzheimer's disease with an added touch of laughter, sadness and love.
-Someone's wardrobe you'd most like to raid?
Victoria Beckham, I love her monochrome palettes, there's something very powerful in her minimalistic style.
-Element of your job you love the most?
In both acting and blogging I tell stories and that's why I love both so much, in one I get to live a thousand lives within mine, in the other I get to tell my own story.
Words to live by?
If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit.

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