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What better way to celebrate the power of females than with your closest girl-gang? We joined forces with our favourite Parisian boutique, Gang of Earlybirds and discussed with the founder, Fanny Airault the importance of empowering the women around you and how to do so. RIXO x Gang of Earlybirds have the goods that will give you a spring in your step and make you feel like you can take on the world. We got you and you got this!

What does being female mean to you?
I think being a female is so much fun! I don't know exactly how to describe it but I think we are a mix of courage, instinct, altruisme and mischief.

Who are empowering women in your life and why?
I would say my mom is definitely the first person who come to mind when I think of empowering woman. She always considered herself equal to men and raised her four children while having a full time job, as my grand mothers actually. My mom has always fought any kind of gender preconceptions and especially the tiny details we barely see and which make all the difference.

What do you want to see in the future for females?
I would like to see them be more confident in themselves and be kind to each others! We are sisters and we need to be united. It will help us finally see the gender equality improvements we are all waiting to see in the society.

How do you empower other women?
I empower other women in encouraging them in anything they undertake. At Gang of Earlybirds we are super happy to be showing the work of incredible woman designer and entrepreneur who worked super hard to get their creativity heard.

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