Emily Holland does NYFW ⋆ RIXO

Emily Holland does NYFW

Starting off our week to celebrate International Women’s day is Emilly Holland, Style Director of Refinery29. See how this Texan native casually (and humorously) styles her RIXO skirts for this unnerving weather and/or when you can’t remember what the warm of the sun feels like.

Where do you feel most at home?
New York City. I’m a native Texan but after 13 years in New York, it feels like home. 

Favourite meal? Either dining in or out?!
Anything my husband cooks for me at home or steak frites at Raoul’s. 

What is the most precious item in your wardrobe?!
The Brock dress I wore for my first dance at my wedding last year. I made sure it was something I could keep in my closet and wear for many years to come. 

Best hangover cure?
Sleep and a lot of water. 

What is your getting ready ritual?
I like to get up early enough to make a coffee and sit in my robe for at least thirty minutes before getting ready. I’ll typically check email and read a little of the news. 

Your earliest fashion memory?
Watching my grandmother doodle fashion portraits on scraps of paper. She went to fashion design school and even though they were just casual doodles the fantasy and elegance of each dress really left me in awe. I have a terrible memory, but her delicate line drawings are still vivid in my mind.

You have 5 minutes to get up and out the door – what RIXO item do you throw on and what would you wear it with?
One of the RIXO floral midi dresses, gold hoops and sneakers or a pair of leather slides – easy peasy!

Summer is coming, what are you looking forward to the most?
Riding my bike to work and heading upstate to swim.

We love podcasts at RIXO, do you have a favourite?
This American Life has been a favourite for some time. Recently I’ve gotten into crime and murder mysteries- I’m currently listening to Atlanta Monster and Dirty John and I’m hooked!

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