Where do you feel most at home?
Although I’ve been living in London for half a year now, I still feel most at home in the tiny village I grew up in up north. As I explore more of the city, I’m gradually beginning to feel more settled here, but I guess nothing beats your childhood family home.

Favourite meal? Either dining in or out.
Pizza, preferably one with truffle on it. There are so many great pizza spots in London, it’s impossible to decide which is the best. I’m hoping to do a tour of them all in one day sometime, so that I can come to a definite decision as to which pizza place in London serves the best slice. Watch this space…

What is the most precious item in your wardrobe?
My YSL Arty ring. They were all the rage during my teens, so I saved up and, combined with money I was gifted for my 16th birthday, I bought one during a trip to New York. It’s my first and only designer piece and I’ve worn it to death – it even had to be repaired at one point! These days, it feels too fragile, so I daren’t wear it. It just sits in my jewellery box looking beautiful.

Best hangover cure?
A diet coke and left-over pizza.

What is your getting ready ritual?
I bang a good playlist on and sing along while doing my makeup, sometimes a little too enthusiastically. Hair takes five minutes and getting dressed is usually the last step, although I tend to have an idea of what I’m going to wear from the get go.

Your earliest fashion memory?
I can’t actually remember this myself, but apparently, I’ve been quite determined when it comes to wearing what I want ever since I was a toddler. One time, my mum put me in a dress I didn’t like to go to nursery and, when she came to pick me up at the end of the day, found me in different clothes. The nursery staff had to explained that I had literally ripped myself out of the dress because I hated it so much. The Incredible Hulk meets Toddlers and Tiaras, eh?

You have 5 minutes to get up and out the door – what RIXO item do you throw on and what would you wear it with?
Probably the Abigail dress! I don’t often wear dresses, but they are an absolute live saver in situations where you need an instant outfit. My slightly battered Nike Cortez and, depending on the weather, maybe a polo neck layered underneath.

What is your favourite beauty trend at the moment?
I’m really into the natural, fresh faced, Glossier look. Currently striving to improve my skin so I can start wearing barely-there makeup. On the flip side, I love doing bright, colour block eyeshadow on a night out: blues, oranges, purples, you name it.

Summer is coming, what are you looking forward to the most?
I 100% live for festivals. So far this year I’m planning on going to El Dorado, where Sister Sledge are headlining, and hopefully Boomtown, or maybe even one overseas. I can’t wait!

What are your top 5 essentials that you constantly have on you?
Phone, headphones, keys, bank card and an emergency red lipstick – you never know when you might need to ramp up a look!

Where are you most looking forward to wearing RIXO’S latest season drop?
Parties! RIXO has so many great pieces that are able to transition from day to night.

Paris, NYC or London?
This is so hard, but I have to say Paris. It just has a magical charm. London comes in close second though.

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